As a real estate investment firm, Newcastle Limited promotes sustainable practices to reduce the firm’s impact on the environment while improving operating efficiency and saving money. To achieve this objective, the firm:

  • Operates according to established best practices within the industry on all relevant environmental and social aspects of real estate investment and property management.
  • Responsibly manages the use of hazardous materials and promotes recycling or reuse of products.
  • Meets or exceeds compliance with relevant environmental legislation and regulations.
  • Commits to recycling, conservation of resources, prevention of pollution and promotion of environmental responsibility among its employees.
  • Informs clients, business partners, suppliers, contractors, local communities and tenants of its sustainability commitment and encourages them to adopt responsible environmental management practices.
  • Works to achieve greater sustainability in property development and management and commits resources to continually improve its environmental performance.

Newcastle is committed to delivering strong financial returns to clients while at the same time delivering positive environmental, social and economic benefits. The firm depends on the earth’s natural resources to live and these resources should be protected and enhanced.