National Restaurant Association: NRA launched a nationwide grassroots campaign urging Congress to take immediate action to support the restaurant industry. Take action at or text “Recovery” to 52886.

Rally for Restaurants: A grassroots initiative from restaurant technology providers, public and private companies, restaurant owners and workers, and people everywhere coming together to support the restaurant community in their time of need.

Yelp: Offering $25M in relief to restaurants and bars. Click here for details.

Curbside Pickup & Delivery: Restaurants are coming up with creating ways to provide access to food and beverage. You may consider curbside pickup or delivery, and perhaps shifting your menu to food that people need right now, including family-friendly, shared packaged meals, boxed cookies or kits, and if your state allows it, alcohol or alcohol kits. Delivery service can charge fees from 15-30%, but some may be offering discounts. Delivery Services:

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